Streamplify USB mic review

Content creation is the in thing right now and no whether you’re making TikToks, recording your own weekly podcast or playing games live on Twitch, you’ll need good quality audio to stand out from the crowd. The problem is, microphone technology can be confusing and expensive, making it hard for newbies to know what to get.

That’s where Streamplify comes in, with a range of entry-level gear tailored to first-time users. The range includes the Streamplify mic, with simple USB connectivity and Plug & Play support that works with Windows, Mac, and consoles, and most importantly, it’s impressively affordable.

The question is, is it tempting enough to tempt new content creators away from more established brands like Yeti and Shure? Well…

Design and features

The Streamplify USB mic is designed as an entry-level device for those new to the world of streaming and podcasting, and the general design and build reflect that. It’s largely a no-thrills affair, sporting a black cylindrical body and matching mic grille – but that’s no bad thing. It’ll get the job done, and still look good doing it.

In fact, at just 170 x 42mm, the small dimensions of the microphone make it well suited to those with limited desk (or stream) space, or on-the-move podcasters that like to record on-location.

Despite its budget nature, the Streamplify USB mic comes with a dedicated pop shield to help soften the plosives (like words starting with ‘p’ and ‘b’) and stray breaths when you’re recording. It’s a little on the small side, but that does arguably fit with the compact dimensions of the mic itself.

As well as a pop shield, the mic comes with a foldable tripod in the box. That allows the mic to sit on a desktop for easy access, but that also makes it susceptible to bangs and other knocks on the counter.

Thankfully, the included shock mount does a good job at negating it for the most part. You’ll still notice feedback from bigger bangs, but the rumble produced by hammering the keys on your keyboard during intense gameplay moments should go largely unnoticed.

If feedback or limited desk space is a concern, you’ll be relieved to know that there’s also the Streamplify mic with a table-mounted arm available for an extra £10, allowing you to move the mic around freely and get a bit of your desk space back.

It’s also compatible with other accessories, sporting a 3/8in thread port on the shock mount.

Sound quality

The Streamplify mic is a condenser microphone, which to the uninitiated means it uses two metal plates – one movable, one fixed – to generate sound. While that’s fairly standard among USB microphones, there is a catch: the use of a single capsule means you’re limited to the Cardioid recording pattern, which only records sound from directly in front of the mic.

That’s ideal for podcasters and streamers, but it means you miss out on omnidirectional and bidirectional patterns that capture more of the environment, and the use of a single capsule means there’s no stereo recording available either.


The Streamplify microphone comes in two configurations – one with a tripod, another with a mic arm – with the tripod bundle being the cheapest of the two at £59.95/$64.95, while the mic arm bundle will set you back £10/$15 more at £69.95$79.95. Both are available exclusively from Overclockers in the UK, and Amazon in the US.

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