HP Chromebook x360 14c review

HP takes on the Google Pixelbook Go with its new premium Chromebook x360 14c. It’s cheaper and in many ways just as good. Chromebooks are often the kind of cheap and cheerful devices that you can use as a second laptop, give to your kids for homework or buy for older relatives that don’t feel confident with computers. But, as ChromeOS is now a powerful platform, if you want to step up to a higher grade of hardware then there are a few you can choose from.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are computer systems that you connect to a computer network via a web browser. These devices are typically printed and primarily used as laptop computers. You can purchase them in many different models, sizes, and with various features. You can get them in different colors and with different styles, and even have them with built-in apps.

How to buy a Chromebook

You can buy a Chromebook from many online retailers and in-stores. Google accounts for most of the inventory so you can find deals on cheap brands and models. The best-seller list is always Google and its range of devices is very limited. You can usually find deals on new phones, laptops and tablets with Google’s name on the title.

Design & Build

The build and design of a Chromebook are very similar to that of a laptop. It has a body, a stand, a keyboard, and a trackpad. The monitor is typically swivelable and has an embedded webcam. The stand is what propels this device. It is typically a wooden or plastic piece with a pivoting footrest and a swiveling chair leg. The wooden or plastic stand is detachable and can be hung on the wall or door. The monitor is typically attached to the stand using aena.

Keyboard & Trackpad

You’ll find it in most laptops now and again, and it’s something you may have seen on desktops, but a keyboard and trackpad are not an upgrade for a Chromebook. They are there for a couple of primary uses, and those are about it. What is the best keyboard for your laptop? This is the most important question and one that is hard to answer. There are many options out there – the entry-level models usually have a wrote keys on the bottom, while the more expensive models have an optical trackpad. Both of these add weight and bulk to your laptop, and are not good for a laptop of this price.


A good trackpad can make a world of difference in a laptop. It allows you to achieve precision and easily trace patterns on the screen. It’s also good for track myopia, as the light beam is not so bright on a laptop monitor. A bad trackpad will cause the tracking to be off or slightly off, which could be a problem in some lighting conditions. A good trackpad makes any computer feel easily portable, and can be used with either a laptop or desktop computer. But make sure it: Is friction-free – there will be some resistance when you press it in your hand, but this is normal Is not made of materials that get hot or have a sticky surface – this could cause burns

Screen & Speakers

The screen is one of the most important components of any laptop, and is very often overlooked in the design of a Chromebook. It is usually the most expensive item on the table, so there’s that. The screen is usually either a single pane or a combination of single and dual-pane. Single-pane screens are usually more accurate, and have a edge-illing process that prevents glare and glare-free images. Dual-pane screens are often resolution-limited, meaning there is less detail and an image becomes blurred during the process.
Specs & Performance
To get the performance you’re looking for, you’ll need to invest in a discrete graphics card. Pixel Cards come with features such as DirectCompute, which runs on the chip and provides better performance than the software.

Chromebook Reviews

What to expect from a Chromebook: Everyone’s mouth is watering over its $300 price tag. But will it be worth the money? Read on to find out. Design – The design of a Chromebook is very similar to a laptop, with one difference. The stand is a little more rigid, and the keyboard is made of more durable plastic. While you will still be required to use a mouse and keyboard when using a Chromebook, the stand is more solid and should provide greater comfort during use. Build – The build of a Chromebook is very similar to that of a laptop, with the important difference of being a premium device. The build quality of a Chromebook is very high, with the stand being made of made of lightweight metal, and the keyboard being made of super-tough plastic. Keyboard – The keyboard on a Chromebook is not unlike that on a laptop, with one difference – it’s a separate segment, with its own button and features. You will still use the regular keypad on a laptop, but on a Chromebook, the keypad will be connected to the computer via Bluetooth. Trackpad – Like on a laptop, the trackpad on a Chromebook is made of glass, with a touch-sensitive surface. However, unlike a trackpad on a laptop, the trackpad on a Chromebook is not made of plastic or metal. It should be noted that the trackpad is very sensitive, and can cause damage to your fingertips if you’re not careful with it.

Bottom line

The ThinkPad T2 is a very good entry-level laptop, priced between $99 and $119, which is a very good deal for a powerful laptop with a great deal of storage and a bright display. However, the X1 Yoga is a much better value, and should come with the ThinkPad T1 model when you order it.

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