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If you’re looking for a resource that will teach you how to read manga, provide you with Beginner-Friendly Manga Charts, and even have online tutorial sections to get you started on reading your very first comic, then look no further! With so many alternatives, why settle for less when you can have the best? To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best alternative sites to read the manga. These websites each offer their unique perspective on reading manga, and as such, they’ll cater to specific tastes or reading needs. You might think that these websites are all the same: a place to find more material about reading manga. While this is mainly correct (and yet another reason why we love being able to compare notes), there are quite a few differences between these sites.


Launched in 2014, is a social network for readers of manga. The website contains news, reviews, and blog articles on various aspects of manga and anime. The readers themselves can create their boards and communities where they can exchange information, discuss their favorite series, and access various resources. Readers can also follow a variety of bloggers, including industry experts and professional mangaka.


Founded in 2011, is an online community for manga and anime lovers. For those seeking a more detailed read on what they’re looking at, the site provides a rich assortment of materials, including character profiles, creator biographies, polls, videos, and more. The forums are especially helpful for newcomers to the hobby and are filled with helpful information, including character breakdowns and basic strategies for beginners.

8. AnimePlanet

Launched in 2011, AnimePlanet is a database of all things anime and manga. The website features an extensive collection of information about the medium, including release dates, author biographies, and synopses for various series and movies. The forums are also a great resource for newcomers to the industry, as they provide a place to learn, share, and discuss everything related to anime and manga.


Launched in 2010, is a database of webtoons (comics without the “toon”) written and drawn by South Korean cartoonists. The website is useful for lovers of webtoons as well as those interested in South Korean pop culture. The forums are also a great place to get involved with other readers, discuss your favorite series, and meet other readers like you!

6. MangaDrawingStudio

Launched in 2006, MangaDrawingStudio is a website that offers a variety of resources related to manga, such as character reveal pics, art galleries, and a forum section where readers can discuss various aspects of the medium. The website also hosts various contests, including a monthly drawing prize draw!


Launched in 2006, is a database of Japanese crafts and hobbies. The site is especially useful for hobbyists, as it contains detailed information on how to purchase specific items and perform specific activities. The forums are also a great place to get involved with other readers, discuss your favorite series, and meet other readers like you!

4. AnimateToon Studio

Launched in 2011, AnimateToon Studio is a website that helps aspiring animators create their character designs and concepts. The website is especially helpful for beginners as it includes step-by-step tutorials and guides to help with character design, as well as a bunch of helpful resources.

3. Mangadexpress

Launched in 2010, Mangadexpress is a website that features a large collection of various types of manga and manhwa, as well as several anime and josei manga series. Mangadexpress is particularly useful to those looking for a broader appeal, as it includes information on Southeast Asian, African, and Oceanic comics as well!

2. MangaLibrary

Launched in 2011, MangaLibrary is a database of all kinds of manga, including translated manga series and single chapters. The website is particularly useful for those interested in learning more about Japanese literature and history, as it contains a large number of Japanese books and articles.

1. MangaFreak Reads

Launched in 2010, MangaFreak Reads is a site that offers both scanned volumes and digital versions of Japanese comic books and magazines. The volumes are organized by series, with friends and fellow readers able to trade and discuss volumes with other members. The website also offers a mobile app for smartphones and tablets, as well as a web browser app.

10 Best Alternatives To Read Manga

After you’ve finished reading through our list of the best alternatives to read manga, you may want to check out other great reading lists to prepare yourself for the next step in your reading journey: reading manga in its original language! If you want to start reading Japanese manga, our list of the best Japanese manga websites will help you get started. If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at one specific series, we recommend checking out the best-of lists on this site. There are plenty of other resources that cover a wide range of genres, so don’t miss out on these great alternatives to reading manga!

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