What We Know So Far About Toradora Season 2

Fans of romantic anime dramas will be excited to learn that the second season of Toradora! has been announced and is set to premiere in 2019. While little information about the new season has been released, we’ve pulled together all the key facts you need to know about the eagerly anticipated sequel.

The Story So Far

So far, the Toradora Season anime has been an extremely popular show. It’s quickly become a cult classic, with fans eagerly awaiting each new episode.

Here are some of the things we know so far about the Toradora Season anime.

The story is set in high school and follows two young boys – Taiga Aisaka and Ryūji Kamiya – who become friends after Taiga saves Ryūji from being bullied.

As their relationship blossoms, they begin to explore their feelings for each other. However, their friendship is threatened when Taiga begins to date Ryūji’s best friend Akio Furukawa.

The series is full of drama and action, with Taiga and Ryūji fighting for control over their relationships. So far, the series has been filled with suspense and surprises that have kept fans glued to their screens.

Characters and Cast

1. Toradora! is an anime series based on a manga by Naoya Inoue. The story follows the romantic relationships of two high school students, Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka.

2. The series first aired in 2006 and has since been released in 19 countries.

3. The series has been praised for its well-written and engaging storyline.

4. The characters have been praised for their realistic and relatable portrayals.

5. The cast includes veterans of the Japanese animation industry, including Tatsuya Fujiwara (Danganronpa) and Yuuki Kaji (Death Note). Newer stars include Yūki Kaji (K-On!) and Ruka Nishiuchi (Free!).

6. The first season of Toradora! was released in Japan in 2007 and was met with positive reviews from critics. A second season was released in 2008, but did not receive as positive a response from fans and critics alike. A third season was released in 2010, but was also met with mixed reactions from fans. A fourth season was announced for release in 2016, but has yet to be released due to production delays.

What to Expect in the Next Episode

Episode 11 of Toradora! is scheduled to air on January 9th, and fans are eagerly awaiting to see what happens next. So far, we know that Taiga will finally reveal her true feelings for Ryoma, and that there may be some trouble in the form of a new love interest for Yoko.

Of course, fans will want to know what happen between Ryoma and Akane as well. It’s been hinted that their relationship may not be as simple as it seems, and viewers will just have to wait and see what unfolds in the next episode.

Review: Toradora Season 2

Toradora Season 2 is an excellent addition to the anime fandom. The second season follows Taiga Aisaka and Ryuji Kato as they continue their love story. This season is just as good if not better than the first.

There are a few new additions to the cast in this season, including Ryuuji Takasu and Yui Horie. These two characters add a lot of depth to the story and make it more interesting.

The story is still focused on the relationship between Taiga and Ryuji, but there are also some exciting plot developments. There are also some great scenes that show off Taiga’s comedic side.

Overall, Toradora Season 2 is an excellent addition to the anime fandom. If you enjoyed the first season, you will definitely enjoy this one.

The Only Toradora Season 2 Episode Fans Need To Watch

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Toradora Season 2 release, and for good reason. The first season was one of the most popular anime series of all time.

So what can fans expect from Season 2? Here are four things that we know so far.

1. More Drama
The first season ended with Ryuuji and Taiga kissing, and fans are anxious to see what happens next. Ryuuji is still in love with Taiga, but she seems to be interested in Araki instead.

2. More Relationship Conflict
Toradora Season 2 will focus on the relationships between the characters. This means that there will be more conflict between them, which is sure to add to the drama.

3. More Character Development
Each character will undergo some change in Season 2, which will make them even more interesting and compelling.

4. More Action Scenes

ToraDora Season 2 Highlights, Release Date And More

Toradora Season 2 is finally coming to an end and we’ve been keeping you up to date with all the latest news. So far, we know that the season will have 12 episodes, and that it will be released on April 10th in Japan.

We also know that there will be a special Toradora episode set after the credits of the final episode. This episode will focus on Taiga and Yusaku’s relationship post-Toradora and will be directed by Koichi Sakamoto (Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, A Silent Voice).

We’ve also got some new screenshots of Toradora Season 2! In these screenshots, you can see Ryuuji and Taiga looking at each other affectionately, Yusaku teasing Ami about her crush on him, and Ami trying to hide her love for Yusaku from her friends.

We hope you enjoy all the latest news about Toradora Season 2!

Toradora Season 2, Episode 14 (Futari no Sakebi)

Toradora Season 2, Episode 14 (Futari no Sakebi) is now available to watch in the UK!

In Toradora Season 2, Episode 14 (Futari no Sakebi), Ryota and Taiga finally confess their feelings for each other. But things don’t go as planned…

Fans of the series will be happy to know that the ending of Toradora Season 2, Episode 14 (Futari no Sakebi) is definitely worth watching! The suspense and drama are definitely worth it!

If you haven’t yet watched Toradora Season 2, Episode 14 (Futari no Sakebi), we strongly recommend that you do so as soon as possible! You won’t be disappointed!

The Best Moments In Toradora Season 2, From A-Z!

Toradora Season 2 was amazing! Here are the best moments in the hit anime series.

1. Taiga and Ryuuji’s first kiss
2. The confessions between Tora and Aoi
3. The reveal of Kuwabara’s true identity
4. The fight between Tora and Kuwabara
5. The reconciliation between Tora and Taiga
6. The wedding of Tora and Aoi
7. The birth of Taiga’s daughter
8. The final confrontation between Tora and Kuwabara


So far, Toradora 2 has been nothing short of amazing. The first season was a breath of fresh air and this second season seems to be even better. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend that you do so soon. Not only is the story incredibly compelling, but the characters are well-developed and the action is top notch. With just over two weeks left in the series, there’s no telling what will happen next – but whatever happens, we can rest assured that it will be worth watching.

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