Vernetta Lopez And Wayne Gladwin

Vernetta Lopez and Wayne Gladwin are a sparkling example of the power of chemistry. Vernetta is a singer and songwriter who has spent her career mixing soulful ballads with pop melodies. She’s also an entrepreneur, having launched her own label and worked as a music publicist. Wayne Gladwin is a Grammy-winning record producer and mixer who has worked with some of the biggest names in music. He’s also the co-founder of XL Recordings, one of the world’s most successful independent labels. Together, they have written songs for Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and more. In this blog post, we’re going to learn more about their work together and what makes their collaboration so successful. We hope you enjoy it!

Vernetta Lopez

Vernetta Lopez and Wayne Gladwin have a chemistry that is undeniable. The two met in 2013 while Vernetta was working as an event planner for a music festival and Wayne was the headlining act. From the moment they met, sparks flew. Vernetta says, “I knew from the first time I saw him that he was special.”

The two were married in 2016 and their love story continues to amaze everyone who knows them. Vernetta says, “We just connect on so many levels.” Their relationship has helped both of them grow as people and they are now more committed to each other than ever before.

Their marriage is proof that opposites can actually attract and that love can conquer all. Vernetta and Wayne’s story is a true inspiration to anyone who is looking for true happiness in life.

Wayne Gladwin

Wayne Gladwin (b. November 5, 1958) is a Canadian-born American actor, singer and musician. He has starred in several Broadway shows and has also had recurring roles on The Office and Parks & Recreation. He married Vernetta Lopez in 2003 and the couple have two children.

Their Relationship

Vernetta Lopez and Wayne Gladwin have been dating for over a year and a half now, and the two of them seem to be perfect for each other. They share a lot of common interests, and they’re both very down-to-earth.

Vernetta is originally from Queens, New York, while Wayne is originally from Albany, New York. Vernetta is currently a pharmacist assistant at a pharmacy in Manhattan, while Wayne works as an engineer for General Electric.

The two of them met through mutual friends, and they hit it off right away. They started dating almost immediately after getting together, and they’ve never looked back since.

As far as their relationship goes, it’s definitely one that’s full of passion and intensity. They both love spending time together, whether it’s going out to eat or just hanging out at home watching TV.

Their relationship has definitely been tested on many different levels over the past year and a half, but the two of them have come out stronger than ever before. They truly seem to be made for each other – there’s just something about their chemistry that just clicks!

How They Met

Vernetta Lopez met Wayne Gladwin at a mutual friend’s birthday party in 2011. At the time, Vernetta was working as a sales representative for an electronics company and Wayne was a customer service representative for a telecommunications company. Vernetta and Wayne hit it off immediately, and within six months they were dating.

Vernetta and Wayne’s whirlwind romance was filled with laughter, smiles, and plenty of love. They enjoyed going on walks together, watching movies, and spending time with their families. In early 2013, Vernetta graduated from college with a degree in business administration while Wayne continued to work full-time.

In early 2014, Vernetta moved to Los Angeles to be closer to her then-boyfriend Wayne. The two started planning their wedding right away and were married in a private ceremony in May of that year. They invited only close family and friends to attend the celebration including Vernetta’s sisters who flew out from Texas to be there.

Vernetta’s Career

Vernetta Lopez and Wayne Gladwin have a chemistry that is undeniable. They are both performers, singers and actors, but it’s their on-stage rapport that makes their collaboration so special. Vernetta has had a diverse career, starting out as an R&B singer in the early 1990s. She then moved to Broadway, where she starred in the musical “The Color Purple” opposite Cynthia Erivo and August Wilson. Vernetta then went on to star in the TV series “Smash” and the film “Dirty Dancing”.

Wayne Gladwin is one of America’s most accomplished stage actors. He has won numerous awards for his work on Broadway, including a Tony Award nomination for his role in “The Cradle Will Rock”. His roles in films include “Annie”, “Stride Toward Tomorrow” and “The Help”. Working together has given Vernetta and Wayne a unique opportunity to explore new creative opportunities.

Wayne’s Career

Wayne Gladwin and Vernetta Lopez met as teenagers in the classroom at their local high school. The chemistry that was inevitable between them was undeniable, so they decided to pursue a relationship. They dated for a few years before getting married in 2002.

Vernetta’s career as an elementary school teacher took off after she was hired by the charter school where she worked. Wayne worked as a technical support engineer for a computer company until he retired in 2016. Vernetta enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking and spending time with her friends.

Vernetta and Wayne’s Family Life

Vernetta and Wayne’s relationship began in a school setting. Vernetta was the secretary of Wayne, who was the new vice principal at their high school. Vernetta and Wayne clicked right away and began dating. It wasn’t long before they were married.

In 2016, they welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Lilliana. They continue to make family their number one priority and are very active in parenting forums online to share advice with other new parents. They also enjoy spending time outdoors with their pup, Zeus.

Despite being busy raising their little girl, Vernetta still finds time for her husband. She loves traveling and has taken numerous trips with him as well as exploring different cities on her own. Her favorite destination so far has been Barcelona, Spain!

What They Do Together

In September 2009, Vernetta Lopez and Wayne Gladwin met on an online dating site. At first, Vernetta thought Wayne was too good-looking for her, but after getting to know him she realized that he was just as flawed as she was.

The two hit it off and began dating. Vernetta and Wayne were drawn to each other’s sense of humor and positive outlook on life. They quickly became a devoted couple.

Wayne is originally from Jamaica and Vernetta is from Brooklyn, so the two had a lot in common. They enjoyed going out to clubs and hitting the beach together. Vernetta also loved spending time with her family, which was important to Wayne since he didn’t have any relatives left in Jamaica.

Vernetta and Wayne planned to get married in December 2009, but things changed dramatically when Vernetta learned that she was pregnant with their son. Despite being scared at first, Vernetta knew that she wanted to be a mom and was excited about becoming a wife and mother.

Although they faced some challenges during their early parenting years (mostly because of Wayne’s hours working as a financial advisor), the couple has managed to overcome them all together. Today, they are happier than ever and can’t imagine life without each other.

Vernetta Lopez And Wayne Gladwin: The Eye-Opening Journey Of A Woman And Her Cancer

Vernetta Lopez and Wayne Gladwin have a story that is both inspiring and eye-opening. Vernetta was diagnosed with cancer in late 2017, but she didn’t give up. She started working with a holistic doctor to help her fight the disease. Vernetta and Wayne met through that work, and they were drawn to one another from the start. They started dating shortly after getting together, and their relationship was thriving until Vernetta was hit with another bout of cancer in early 2019.

This time around, Vernetta wasn’t about to let cancer beat her. She underwent chemotherapy treatments alongside traditional treatments such as radiation therapy. It was during this time that Vernetta learned about food as medicine. Her holistic doctor had taught her about how to heal herself using nutrition as her foundation.

While undergoing chemotherapy, Vernetta also started cooking for Wayne to make him feel better during his long days of treatment. She knew that he loved spending time in the kitchen, so she put her culinary skills to use and made some amazing dishes for him. The end result? A healthy relationship full of love and laughter despite Vernetta’s ongoing battle with cancer!

vernetta lopez and wayne gladwin

Vernetta Lopez and Wayne Gladwin first met at an audition for a role in a play. They instantly hit it off and began dating soon after. Vernetta, originally from the Bronx, is known for her soulful vocals and powerful stage presence. Wayne is a talented singer and actor who has several roles in his portfolio, including leading roles in Broadway productions. The two share a passion for performing and creating art, which shines through their work together.

They have collaborated on songs for film and television projects, as well as created their own music. Vernetta has also been involved in activism work, such as participating in protests against gun violence. Their chemistry on stage and off has won them a devoted following of fans who enjoy their unique blend of talent.

vernetta lopez is a woman who wants to put the spotlight back on startup founders

Vernetta Lopez is a woman who wants to put the spotlight back on startup founders. She has been working in the tech industry for over 10 years, most recently as the head of business development at Eventbrite. In her time at Eventbrite, she saw first-hand how important it was to shine a light on startup founders and their achievements.

Lopez believes that this focus on startup founders is critical for two reasons: first, because they are often overlooked by the media and second, because they are usually the ones driving innovation in the tech sector. She is determined to change that and bring attention to these hardworking individuals.

In addition to her work at Eventbrite, Lopez is also a co-founder of Startup Institute, a program that helps aspiring entrepreneurs get started in their business ventures. Her goal is to help as many people as possible realize their dreams and reach their potential.

Vernetta Lopez – The Best Advice For Happiness

Vernetta Lopez and Wayne Gladwin are a beautiful duo who have combined their talents to create a sparkling life together. Vernetta is an outspoken advocate for happiness, and her wisdom can touch anyone’s life. Here are some of her best pieces of advice on how to be happy:

1. Focus on the good: The first step towards happiness is recognizing that bad things do happen, but if you focus on the good moments in your life, you will be better prepared for the bad ones.

2. Cherish your relationships: Be grateful for the people in your life, and make sure to cherish them. You never know when they will be gone, so it’s important to take care of them while they are around.

3. Talk positively to yourself: When you start thinking positively about yourself, others will start to think positively about you too. And that’s a great way to start building happiness into your life!

4. Keep a positive attitude: A positive attitude is one of the strongest weapons you can have in your arsenal against unhappiness. If you can learn how to maintain a positive outlook even when things get tough, you will be well on your way to achieving happiness!

vernetta lopez – A Blogger You Should Know

Vernetta Lopez is a blogger who has been in the industry since 2006. She started out as an intern at, and then moved on to become a social media manager for MTV Networks. After leaving her previous job, she founded her own blog in 2013, which quickly became one of the most popular fashion blogs online. Her blog focuses on providing style advice and trend predictions for women of all ages, races and sizes.

Vernetta has worked with some big names in the fashion world, including Azzedine Alaia, Christian Siriano and Theory. She also regularly appears on The View and other popular talk shows to share her insights on fashion trends.

Aside from writing about fashion, Vernetta is also an actress and model. She has appeared in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein Jeans, as well as several television appearances. In 2011, she was named “Model of the Year” by Black Enterprise magazine.

If you want to up your style game without breaking the bank, be sure to check out Vernetta Lopez’s blog!


Vernetta Lopez and Wayne Gladwin have always had a spark in their collaboration. From Vernetta’s designs to Wayne’s lyrics, they compliment each other perfectly. In this video, they discuss their creative process and how their chemistry helps them produce such amazing work together. Watch the video to see for yourself how well these two collaborate and enjoy some of Vernetta’s stunning designs!

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