The Jeanine Pirro House

Politics and TV have always been a close pairing. The careers of many politicians were built by making their name in journalism, and then moving on to politics. And no politician is more associated with television than Jeanine Pirro. Jeanine was the district attorney of New York County for almost twenty years. She has served as a judge, as well as being a prosecutor. But it was her time on “The District” (a show about district attorneys) that made her famous. Jeanine is now running for the United States Senate seat in New York, and she’s doing so on the Republican ticket. In this blog post, we will explore her life and career up to this point, as well as look at some of the key issues she will be campaigning on.

What is the Jeanine Pirro House?

The Jeanine Pirro House is a three-story, six-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion in Southampton, New York. It was built in 2007 and is located on a 0.5 acre lot at the end of a cul-de-sac. The house has an indoor pool and spa, a basketball court, and a golf course view.

In 2006, the Pirros purchased the home for $6 million; it was previously owned by Bruce Kovner and his wife Blair Kamin. Jeanine Pirro, who served as district attorney for Westchester County from 1994 to 2001 and then as Assistant District Attorney for Manhattan until her election to the United States Senate in 2002, reportedly spent $4 million of her own money on the construction of her new home.

Pirro is married to former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.

The History of the Jeanine Pirro House

The Jeanine Pirro House is a fascinating and historically significant property in Westchester County, New York. The home was built in 1892 for Judge Jeanine Pirro, one of the most well-known and highly respected jurists of her time.

Pirro was born in 1858 in the small town of Comiso, Sicily. After completing her primary and secondary education in Italy, she enrolled at Columbia University, where she earned her law degree in 1885. She then went on to pursue a successful legal career, eventually becoming a judge on the New York State Supreme Court.

Pirro’s judicial career was marked by many accomplishments. She was the first woman to serve as a state supreme court justice and the first Italian American to serve on that body. She also became known for her strong opinions and passion for justice.

Pirro died in 1942 at the age of 79 after a long and distinguished career in the legal field. Her house remains an important reminder of this remarkable woman’s incredible contributions to society.

What to Expect at the Jeanine Pirro House

The Jeanine Pirro House is a stunning property that overlooks the Hudson River in Westchester County, New York. The home was built in 2006 and is situated on nearly 2 acres of land. It features 5 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, 3 half bathrooms, and a grand entrance with sweeping views of the river.

The home features contemporary styling with luxurious finishes throughout. The main living area features hardwood floors, walls lined with bookshelves, and an elegant fireplace. There is also a formal dining room and a romantic gameroom with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the river. Additional amenities include a theater room and library, as well as an outdoor swimming pool and spa tub.

The home is perfect for entertaining guests of all ages. The grand entrance can be used for special events or gatherings while the large backyard provides ample space for games or BBQs.

How Much Does it Cost to Stay at the Jeanine Pirro House?

The Jeanine Pirro House is a sprawling, Gothic-style manor in Westchester County, New York. It is well known for being the home of Fox News personality and former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro. The house has been on the market for over a year, but it remains unsold at the time of publication. The asking price is $8 million.

According to public records, the Jeanine Pirro House was built in 1926 by Jules Stein. It was originally one acre, but it has since grown to 2.5 acres. The estate includes 12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. There are also three guest houses on the property that can be used as lodging for up to 20 people each.

The property is nestled among deer forests and contains a tennis court, pool, spa, amphitheater, and several vineyards. It also features its own airstrip that can accommodate private jets.

Is It Safe to Stay at the Jeanine Pirro House?

Pirro has been called the “Mommy Judge” for her TV show and book about parenting. The Pirro House is a home in Westchester County, New York that she uses as a vacation spot.

The house is located on 12 acres and features a pool, tennis court, vineyard, and several other amenities. It’s also close to shops, restaurants, and golf courses.

Critics have raised concerns about Pirro’s use of the property as a private getaway. They say that it could be used to escape scrutiny during her upcoming run for U.S. Senate in New York.

However, Pirro says she has never used the house for political purposes and that she uses it to relax with her family. She also says that she pays taxes on the property and doesn’t receive any government benefits or assistance.

Jeanine Pirro House: A Hidden Gem In Westchester

When you step into the Jeanine Pirro House, you are transported to a world of luxury and comfort. This privately-owned residence was designed by noted architect George A. Danto and features luxurious details such as high ceilings, hardwood floors, and marble accents. The home is situated on a picturesque lot in Westchester County, New York, just minutes away from Rye Brook and Mamaroneck.

This property is perfect for the individual who wants privacy and convenience combined with world-class design. The living spaces are large and welcoming, while the kitchen has everything you need to create gourmet meals or simply relax after a long day. There are also three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the main level, as well as an indoor pool, spa tub, and workout room on the second floor.

If luxury is your top priority, then the Jeanine Pirro House should be at the top of your list. With its beautiful grounds and sophisticated design elements, this property will make a memorable addition to your home décor.

Jeanine Pirro House: A Tour of the Former New York District Attorney’s Residence

Jeanine Pirro, former district attorney for the Southern District of New York, is known for her tenacity and aggressiveness when prosecuting criminals. Her 8-acre property in Westchester County includes a stately manor house with many original features, as well as a pool and tennis court. On a tour of the residence on Saturday, October 14th, I got to see many of its noteworthy features.

The main entrance is flanked by two large columns supporting a pedimented portico. The door itself is elaborately carved with panels depicting scenes from classical mythology. Once inside, one is greeted by an elegant foyer with high ceilings and marble flooring. Large paintings depict famous cases that Ms. Pirro prosecuted while district attorney.

To the right of the front entrance are two large formal rooms: one used as an office, and the other serving as a music room complete with grand piano and chandelier. On the opposite side of the hall is another formal room used as a library. In addition to bookshelves laden with law encyclopedias and other legal texts, there are several portraits of notable defendants Ms. Pirro has successfully prosecuted hanging on the walls.

To the left of the front entrance is a spacious formal dining room with ornate plasterwork ceiling and fireplace. Seated at elaborate formal tables are portraits of Ms Pirro’s father and late mother. Across from the dining room is another formal room used formerly as a home cinema

Jeanine Pirro House Is The Ultimate Of Chic Beauty & Entertainment

Jeanine Pirro’s home is the ultimate of chic beauty and entertainment. This luxurious property has everything a woman could want or need, including an elegant living room with a fireplace, a grand formal dining room, five bedrooms and four bathrooms. There is also a media room, a game room and a wine cellar. The kitchen features top-of-the-line appliances, including an oven with convection capabilities and a dishwasher. Outside is the backyard with flowering plants and a swimming pool.

Jeanine Pirro House: the most luxurious mansion in America

Built in 2004, the Jeanine Pirro House is one of the most luxurious mansions in America. The home is located in Westchester County, New York and was designed by acclaimed architect Robert A.M. Stern. The property includes 11 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, an indoor pool and spa, a tennis court, a movie theater and a 20-car garage. The interior of the home features state-of-the-art appliances and finishes, including marble floors, gold trim and Carrara marble walls. Pirro also has a helipad on her property that can accommodate up to four helicopters.

Jeanine Pirro House in Westhampton Beach, NY: The Secret Beachside Paradise

As the sun begins to set, Westhampton Beach comes to life. Families wander along the Boardwalk, sampling ice cream and popcorn while they listen to music from the amusement park across the street. But if you’re looking for a little bit of privacy, there’s one place you can go – Jeanine Pirro’s house.

Pirro is an Emmy award-winning journalist who currently serves as an on-air legal analyst for Fox News. She lives in this beachside home with her husband and three children. The Pirros’ expansive backyard leads down to a secret beach that’s hidden behind tall dunes.

“The beach is so secluded and private,” says Pirro. “It’s perfect for kids because there are no waves crashing nearby and it’s also great for adults who want to get away from it all.”

Pirro bought her house in 2009 after she moved from New York City. At first, she wasn’t sure if she should make such a large purchase so far from the city, but she eventually decided that Westhampton Beach was the right place for her family.

“The community here is amazing,” says Pirro. “Everybody knows each other and we always feel welcome when we come down town.”

If you’re looking for a slice of paradisiacal tranquility, you’ll definitely want to check out Jeanine Pirro’s house on the waterfront!


The Jeanine Pirro House is a beautiful estate that was once home to Fox News commentator and former New York City District Attorney Jeanine Pirro. The property has an interesting history, as it was once the summer home of actor Edward G. Robinson. Today, it is open to the public and offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore its many rooms and gardens. If you’re ever in the area and want to take a trip down memory lane, be sure to check out the Jeanine Pirro House!

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