What can illustrator do that photoshop can’t

Illustrator is known for its vector-based drawing tools, which allow you to create scalable, editable artwork. The program is compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud, which makes it easy to share with other designers. However, Illustrator only has a few features that Photoshop has, so why use it? Illustrator is great for designers who work on creative projects and want to easily scale their artwork to any size. Illustrator is also great for illustrators who want to create unique and original designs that can’t be replicated easily with photoshop.

Why use Illustrator?

Illustrator does many things that Photoshop can’t. Illustrator is a vector-based program that is excellent for illustrating logos, letterhead, and other business related graphics. An illustrator is also a perfect tool for creating illustrations.

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What are the unique features of Illustrator?

Illustrator is a vector graphics software used primarily in producing artwork and for other purposes such as creating line art, technical drawings, and logos. It is used to create vector artwork that can be resized without losing quality. It has various tools for creating and editing shapes, paths, and text. Illustrator features an extensive color palette, allowing multiple color choices and effects.

What are the advantages of using illustrator?

Illustrator is a vector program with a lot of possibilities. Illustrator is also available for both Mac and PC, unlike Photoshop. Illustrator is much more affordable and can be found for a much lower price. Illustrator is also more intuitive and easy to use. Illustrator is also a lot more versatile, with the ability to create various graphics. Illustrator has a lot of tools that Photoshop doesn’t have. Illustrator also has tools to help with drawing, painting, and animation.


There are many things that illustrators can do that photoshop can’t. One of the main things is the ability to create vector shapes. With this, you can create an infinitely scalable shape. Another way that illustrator is better than photoshop is the ability to import and export files in SVG, a format that is more flexible than PSD. The other main way that illustrator is better than photoshop is the ability to create shapes and objects in a vector format. This means you can manipulate shapes and objects in a program like illustrator instead of pixel-by-pixel in photoshop. This allows you to create more complex shapes and objects without the limitations of photoshop.

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