Roblox has hundreds of games that are inspired by manga and anime. These are some of our favorite anime Roblox games. Roblox is home to some of the most loved games, including anime games. You can find every type of anime, from Naruto and One Piece all the way to Demon Slayer or Attack On Titan. Based on the ratings and number of players, we’ve compiled a list that includes the top anime games.

5 Best Roblox Anime Games

These are the best Roblox Anime Games:

  1. A One Piece Game
  2. Anime Journey
  3. Reaper 2
  4. Anime Fighters Simulator
  5. Anime Dimensions Simulator

One-Piece Game

The 2022 One Piece Game was a huge success. Roblox is well-known for its spin-offs and reworks on popular manga and anime, and A One Piece Game has been one of our favorite One Piece games this year. It’s a great game to play with friends, as there is so much to discover and unlock.

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Anime Journey

Anime Journey, another new anime game, is still in beta testing. Although the game may still have bugs, it is a fun game that allows you to explore an enormous anime world. You can expect new content in the future, as the devs keep the game up-to-date with updates (the latest one rebalanced it). This one is definitely worth checking out!

Reaper 2

Reaper 2 is an anime game that’s based on Demon Slayer. The game was released for the first time in 2021. Major updates were made throughout 2022 to strengthen its player base. It has a steady player base (around 2-5kiloplayers, based upon recent player numbers), and it gets an increase whenever there is a patch or update. Another option you should consider is the one below.

Anime Fighters Simulator

It is a bit confusing that there is an Anime Fighting Simulator and an Anime Fighters Simulator. Although they are two different games, they do almost the same thing. Choose from a list of characters or unlock more through gacha-like mechanics. Then, you can go into battle with other players, or a lot of PvE against various enemies. You can find unique weapons and abilities inspired by many animes.

Anime Dimensions Simulator

Anime Dimensions is a multi-universe adventure that draws inspiration from many of your favorite animes. This game was another huge success in 2022, and it has been updated many times throughout the year. Anime Dimensions is a great place to start if you are looking for a new anime experience. There are many fun game modes available, including one that allows you to team up with friends.


Roblox is a place we spend a lot of time on, so we have a good idea of which anime games will be the best in 2022. These are some of our favorites.

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