How to Buy a Stylish Suit

1. The Jacket

The first thing you’ll notice about a suit jacket is whether it fits or not, and how it fits. Be aware that the shoulder pads are critical to achieving an excellent fit. The shoulder pads should be firm without feeling too tight around the tops of your shoulders. If they are loose, buy a smaller size; if they feel tight, buy a larger size.

The next point in determining fit is the sleeve length. Check to make sure that when you lift your arms up your cuff does not ride. Above the bottom of your wrist. If you want to buy quality stuff then you must have to visit travis scott shirt store for better experience.

The jackets should be long enough to cover your butt. This little extra coverage will prevent any embarrassing moments. If you bend over and expose yourself (okay, maybe it’s just me that has done this).

Finally, you want the front panels to close easily over the fitted shirt or sweater. That lies beneath them. Any pulling or gapping in the fabric indicates either too small a jacket or one with an unflattering cut.

2. The Pants

Stylish Suit the waistband should fit comfortably around your body without much slack and without restricting your breathing. The front rise should be at a natural point on your body, typically just below the belly button. There should also be adequate room in the crotch for all types of activity. From stooping down to do a push-up to giving birth to quadruplets.

3. The Shirt

The collar of a dress travis scott shop should fit as close as possible around your neck without choking you and leave about two fingers worth of space between the collar and your Adam’s apple. This is where all those high priced. Shirts lose their value–the “no choke” rule is obviously not being followed very well. If you have a slightly thicker neck or prefer a more traditional look, adjust this rule accordingly.

4. How Much Should You Pay?

According to a recent Bloomberg article. Between $1,000 and $2,000 can get you a “decent” suit. The article also claims that the higher the price tag of the suit, the better it will look on you. Apparently they interviewed several people who claimed that they were able to see right through cheap suits. Hmm… I wonder if we can use this same line of reasoning for buying women’s clothes?

5. Accessories To consider:

Cuff links and belts are both good investments because they help pull an otherwise plain or drab outfit together. A high quality silk tie is another nice accessory. That adds a touch of class and sophistication to any new suit however. Make sure it matches your shirt before making the purchase.


Cuff links are usually not necessary most dress shirt cuffs close with buttons. These days anyway. Belts are pretty much standard issue nowadays. But there is no reason to splurge on one unless you want to impress. Someone or use it as an excuse to buy a new pair of pants. I would recommend buying belts in person instead of online. Since this ensures that the color will match your shoes and accessories. As far as quality goes, leather is always preferable over vinyl. Because it looks more natural and doesn’t crack or peel after repeated usage. Look for high-quality buckles that feel heavy and smooth. When sliding through your belt loops. They should be held together by strong stitching instead of glued on rivets because the rivets have a tendency to fall off after extended use.

6. Shoes

Shoes are where you can really get into some trouble because it is easy to spend money on things that look good but won’t wear very well over time, especially if your particular wardrobe includes formal shoes for special occasions. The best-performing material for men’s dress shoes is leather by far simply because it “breathes” better than other materials, so your feet stay dry and comfortable all day long which is essential if you work in an office setting.

Leather also looks the most natural and holds up better over time since it molds to your feet instead of stiffening against them like vinyl does. Colors are generally more flexible with black being the safest choice for most occasions. If you want to be daring, go with brown or tan which are similar enough in appearance to black that no one will notice if you make a mistake; however, be aware that different colored leathers (i.e. red) may not match the color of your belt. And other accessories if they happen to be made out of something else like vinyl.

7. The Feel Test

When trying on a suit for the first time, don’t just stand around admiring yourself in the mirror! Take it off then put it back on again multiple times so that you can get a good feel for how it performs when actually wearing it instead of just standing there posing randomly in front of it. down, allow others to try it on. When they do, pay close attention to how it fits them and ask for their honest opinion on whether or not it makes you look fat. This is the only way of knowing if the suit looks good on you without actually trying it on yourself.

8. The Suit Customization

With all this talk about quality materials and details, no one will believe that your suit is actually not tailored to fit your body unless you tell them so! If it’s time for a new suit, then by golly get yourself into a shop that offers free tailoring service . Tired of shopping around? Just find a business that offers custom suits which will have everything done for you in just one appointment. These can be expensive up front, but the experience is worth the price if you’re having trouble finding something that fits just right. A personal tailor can also help you choose fabrics, colors, and even unique designs that are made specifically for your body type which will make it stand out from all of the other generic brand name suits in a sea of black and gray colors.

9. Price Point & Brand Names

Price point doesn’t necessarily have to do with quality so much as it has to do with how well constructed each suit is on an individual level. This means that very cheap suits may actually last longer simply. Because the materials used are more consistent throughout instead of being. Places where problems can develop over time like shoulder seams splitting or pockets ripping. In terms of brand names, the higher the price point the better quality. You can expect because prices are adjusted to account for extra features and special materials. That being said not all high-end brands have a good reputation. So do a little research before making a purchase to make. Sure that their suits don’t fall apart after only a few washes.

  1. The Rules Of Condition According to classic menswear blogging kings like Grant Harris

it is considered “unkempt” if your suit’s collar points are sharp enough to pierce through your shirt collars as if they were paper knives. If you’re not comfortable with having them this way, then you should consider getting your shirts tailored instead of going against tradition by wearing an open collar with pointy edges. You may also want to make sure that the fabric around your neck isn’t too loose since this can cause wrinkles to form within the shirt’s collar which will make it look worse than just having bent points on your suit collar. Many brands offer shirts specifically designed for their suits to solve this problem so if you’re shopping around then do yourself a favor and ask right off the bat what they have available!


There are many different styles of men’s suits out there where each one is made with its own unique set of rules in mind which you must learn before making any purchases. If nothing else, always remember that dressing well is not about following all “the rules” but rather doing whatever makes you feel comfortable without going to extremes. In other words, wear whatever you want as long as you’re happy with it and other people won’t judge you for it!


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