9 Cool Android Widgets for Optimal Mobile Performance

Widgets have existed for quite some time. It used to be one of the things that distinguished Android from iOS.  We rely on widgets so much that it’s hard to imagine using your Android device without them!

Also, some things work well in widget format. The names include to-do lists weather, calendar, alarm clock, and the list goes on. Apart from these basic widgets, there’s a whole bunch of others that help you organize your tasks, boost internet speed and even improve the performance of your phone.

Here’s a complete list of the gadget to make your life easier:

1: Internet Speed Monitor

This widget “smartly, safely, and correctly” monitors the status of your internet speed. Want to know how your Spectrum internet plans are performing? This widget will give you all the info you need for that!

It keeps track of the data on a daily and monthly basis. The app’s user interface is elegant and intuitive, making it simple to use. It also displays information such as WiFi frequency, Link Speed, IP address, and SSID, and other information about your internet connection.

Go to the settings of the widget and there you will see lots of customization options. The application itself, notifications, and floating widget settings can all be easily customized by the user.

2: Battery Reborn

Its widget is more than a plain battery indicator. It comes with advanced functionality. Its theme matches the latest android version because its circle battery level indicator fits the Android design perfectly.

You can count on this gadget to predict how long will your phone’s battery lasts. There’s an automatic power-saving mode for nighttime to ensure optimal battery usage. If you’re a gamer or if a person for whom battery time matters, this widget will make your life easy.

3: Calendar Widget

This widget comes with 80 hand-crafted themes and it can be integrated with Google calendar to display all your appointments and schedules in one place. Another great quality of this widget is that it can blend into the home screen’s layout seamlessly.

The Calendar widget displays calendar events, birthdays, supports lunar calendar, allows you to browse your to-do list, and pick which calendars you would like to show.

4: Chronus Information Widget

Chronus Information Widgets is a good collection of home screen widgets. It includes clock and weather widgets, with some news and other items which you can throw in and customize according to taste.

Its edition includes a few extra features, such as Google Fit integration and Reddit support in the news widgets. If you are into news and would like some app integration, use this highly customizable widget to organize everything on the home screen with top Performance.

5: WebSnap

Are you one of those people who take lots of screenshots and share them with friends, colleagues, and clients.? If so, WebSnap is for you! This widget takes a snapshot of any online page you like and displays it on your home screen with a customizable refresh interval.

Once you have installed this widget, share any item of news, athletic event, or video screenshot right from your home screen.

6: Overdrop

There’s a reason why the Play Store is flooded with weather widgets: they’re quite handy. They allow you to view what the weather will be like in the coming hours, days, or weeks in just a glimpse. But you can’t download all of these widgets now, can you?

Need a recommendation? Download Overdrop. This app is powered by AccuWeather, Dark Sky Weather, and WeatherBit and it’s designed to help you stay ahead of the weather itself.

7: CPU Monitor

This widget comes packed with an awful lot of information but don’t worry, it’s easy to read.  from spotting troublesome apps to figuring out when it’s time to upgrade your phone, the CPU monitor comes with a total of four different widgets to keep track of your phone’s performance.

These widgets include CPU load, battery temperature, device info, and spikes in processing demand over time. You can also set this widget to send you notifications to keep up with the performance of your device.

8: Days Left

Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, vacation days, and other events – these are all significant days that we look forward to. Some of us are so excited, we count the days. If that’s you, it’s time to download Days Left and allow this widget to keep track of the days.

With this widget, you can add little icons/widgets on your home screen that count the days till a special event. You can add multiple countdowns for multiple events on the home screen.

9: Data Counter

As the name implies, this widget keeps track of your mobile data usage so that you don’t over-consume and end up paying an overage fee. This widget displays upload and download speeds and the network traffic your phone is using.

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